How To Spy on Someones WhatsApp for Android and iPhone Monitor Someone WhatsApp Account Without Them Knowing Get WhatsApp Messages From Someone Else's Phone Without Them Noticing

Software updates are critical for each Android device. it is a little bit of a shame that the majority of those don’t receive even basic security updates, forget Android OS updates. the way to update Android may be a common question that a lot of people ask. there’s no singular answer thereto question because the exact steps vary by manufacturer, Android version, and sometimes even from one device to a different albeit both were made by an equivalent company. If you’re wondering the way to update Android on your device, this guide will show you the essential steps, but the precise method may vary slightly.

Features of AKP Spy App
Once the all process are going to be done then you’ll easily access your Girlfriend phone without her knowing. Here you’ll read what you’ll get once you use the AKP Spy app.

GPS tracking: you’ll track the situation of the person with the assistance of this app. The GPS tracking system is obtainable by Amkeypuncher. it’ll allow you to ascertain the live location of your Girlfriend mobile location. you’ll see the past location of your target phone also with the date and time.
SMS spying: you’ll easily see the SMS conversation which has been happening within the targeted phone. you’ll see the precise date or time of the message also . Through these features, you’ll read text messages, social media messages, WhatsApp messages, etc.
Spy call: with the assistance of AKP Spy App, you’ll spy the targeted person’s day to day phone calls activity. you’ll see the decision duration, date, time, etc. you’ll easily also hear all recorded calls.

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