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Amkeypuncher is here to offer solutions to corporate organizations, legal firms, companies, parents, and also individuals who prioritize their safety and don't want their security compromised or been deceived. The pace at which the planet is advancing in technology demands that strong security architecture is made to deal with both projected and unanticipated outcomes from our total reliance on the web .

Our History

In the year 2000, numerous cases erupted on digital devices starting from cyberbullying, infidelity during a relationship,
sex texting, and lots of more which have brought new challenges into people’s lives, questioning the way people wont to protect themselves online. New challenges produced the necessity for a security standard body which may be underway for many years . In 2013, the market saw a fresh competitor in cybersecurity and personal investigation service which may both monitor, investigate, and secure online activity with adequate protection from dangers coming with it. For over 7 years amkeypuncher has come to being a secret eye that is still a web service solutionist in both the cybersecurity industry and PI


Our mission is to bridge the gap and put solutions for people who are been betrayed in their relationships and businesses. We basically ensure we remove the key barriers in relationships and provides you access to any target phone or computer devices. From the monitoring of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and lots of more even the entire phone content.


Our vision is to determine individuals and company bodies keep their relationship and business at a safer hand online and offline. In today’s digital world, almost most are spending longer than ever on their phones – a mean of seven – 8 hours every day for both male and female! Partners feel insecure as they have no idea whom their partner is chatting with or what their employees have done behind their back which can cause them harm as they navigate the digital world, unsupervised, and unprepared to affect the risks that lurk online.

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